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Cutlerville Bars & Restaurants

The best places to eat and drink in Cutlerville

Cranker's Restaurant & Brewery

454 68th St SW, Cutlerville, MI

Cranker's Restaurant & Brewery is a really special place in the Cutlerville area that has gotten a lot of love from our Grand Rapids Party Buses customers in recent months. It's an affordable and cozy kind of place where you'll really want to let your hair down or loosen your tie and relax with a good pint of beer. Most breweries around here focus on the brewery side of things and let the food be an afterthought, but we're happy to say that this excellent establishment puts plenty of work into the restaurant part of the business as well. The food is just superb, beginning with their huge juicy burgers that are piled so high with all the toppings you could ever desire. The open face steak loaf dinner is a nice little feast of the comfort food variety! The prices are generally in the under $10 range for lunch and in the under $15 range for dinner, with a few standout items breaking through that price barrier, but they're worth it! The beers that we are biggest fans of would have to be the oatmeal breakfast stout and the coconut porter. They are just delicious and they certainly bring on a nice heady buzz in no time. There are televisions here so that you'll be able to watch that big game while you dine and drink, and they offer free wi-fi for your convenience as well.

bd's Mongolian Grill

2619 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI

bd's Mongolian Grill is a must-visit for fun-loving party bus groups with Grand Rapids Party Buses in the Cutlerville area. This is always a party bus favorite for the simple reasons that (A) it's affordable, (B) the options are endless, from mouth watering vegetarian dishes to seafood delicacies to protein-packed poultry or red meat, and (C) there's a fabulous beer selection to boot! It's just wonderful. If you've never been to a Mongolian barbecue, the process is that you can choose the one-plate or the all-you-can-eat option, and then you head up to the raw bar where you can chose from dozens of raw ingredients. You pile them into your bowl, crafting the ultimate stir-fry dish for the chefs to toss with wooden sticks on their huge round grill. Crafting your own little artisan meal is half the fun, and then watching them cook it up for you is the other half of it! The ambiance is very comfortable and you'll just love eating these Mongolian barbecue dishes while you throw back beer after beer. Great service here, wonderful staff, and plenty of room for even your largest Grand Rapids Party Buses groups. A definite Cutlerville top pick!

Shiraz Grille

2739 Breton Rd SE, Grand Rapids, MI

Shiraz Grille is an absolutely gorgeous Persian, Iranian, and Mediterranean restaurant that you and your Grand Rapids Party Buses group will fall head over heels in love with during your outing in Cutlerville. This is a dressy spot where you'll love dressing to the nines and looking your very best. With all the fast casual restaurants taking up the landscape nowadays, it's hard to find one like this where you can really sparkle and shine! Speaking of sparkling beauty, the drink selection is really excellent here, including some really tasty sparkling cocktails and a great selection of wine and beer. They have some of the most amazing food for your enjoyment here, including their shish leek, which is a grilled rack of lamb that is just packed with mind blowing flavor. They have a great menu of kabob choices that will really tickle your taste buds too. The orange saffron chicken is an item that we have really enjoyed on many occassions. The family platter will serve everyone in your Grand Rapids Party Buses group very easily and for dessert, you cannot go wrong with the Persian ice cream. That is an absolute must-have when you're there. So creamy, cool, and flavorful!

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