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Kent City Bars & Restaurants

The best places to eat and drink in Kent City

The Handsome Hobo Pizzeria

1437 Whitehall Rd, Muskegon, MI

The Handsome Hobo Pizzeria is without a doubt a top Grand Rapids Party Buses choice in the Kent City area. It all comes down to the fact that the prices are affordable, the food is good, and they even have a wine bar! And what is better than wine and pizza? Not much in this world, that's for sure. If you're really in the mood for a soul-warming meal that makes you feel good and pampered, this is your spot. The homemade breadsticks are where it all begins! Dipping those twisty delicacies in their perfectly savory and sweet pizza sauce is just a match made in heaven! The deluxe pizza is always our favorite choice, but you can't make a wrong choice with any of the specialty pizzas, and you can always craft your own ideal list of toppings and have a totally customized pizza pie to enjoy! If you're a lover of submarine sandwiches, they have some amazing ones here, with the top choice as far as we're concerned being the meatball sub! Oh, boy! We just love it. Pair it with a nice side salad and you're good to go. Easy to enjoy on-the-go, too, if you need something of the takeout variety to enjoy in your Grand Rapids Party Buses vehicle.

CF Prime

948 W Norton, Muskegon, MI

CF Prime is a prestigious steakhouse and wine bar where you'll truly enjoy your memorable celebrations with your Grand Rapids Party Buses groups in Kent City. Just gorgeous and so well-equipped to handle your larger groups. We recommend sitting near the large stone fireplace for the coziest ambiance possible. The white tablecloths make it feel very classic and classy here. We'll talk about the food in a sec, but let's talk drinks first! The wine list is really impressive, as well chosen as it is lengthy. We can say the same of the beer selection. There is indeed a full bar so that you will be able to enjoy all your favorite cocktails too. Now, on to the food! The steaks are all served with these incredible sauces, including the classic horseradish cream sauce that we just can't get enough of. That's so perfect with the prime rib. The gorgonzola fondue is a nice one too, and we love the cognac and wild mushroom cream. Wow. Just wow! Many of our Grand Rapids Party Buses travelers in the Kent City area have remarked that this is the best meal they've ever had ANYWHERE in Michigan. We think that statement is enough to warrant this one an A+!

Blue Cow Cafe

119 N Michigan Ave, Big Rapids, MI

And then you have Blue Cow Cafe, a place whose name makes it sound like it would be an old fashioned soda shop, but in actuality it's another great place to grab French food and some delicious wine to go along with it. The weekends are the prime time to stop in, as that's when they have these incredible specials and features that are just mouth wateringly irresistible! The menu is impressive on all the other days of the week too, but the weekends are just off the hook! The champagne chicken is the must-have item as far as we're concerned and we also adore the salmon crostini. The duck breast with seared polenta is really a gem. They have excellent bartenders here who are all too happy to mix up your favorite cocktails on the fly. Everything's fresh and delicious, never pre-mixed. The gin strawberry and basil cocktail is our top favorite. You'll love the happy hour prices and that will help you to save some dough as well. They have some really comfortable outdoor seating that you just might want to take advantage of when the weather's good. The hours are pretty generous here, until 9 most nights and 10 on weekends.


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